Apple Children's Book Roundup

Apple Books for Children

Need something to read with your kids while you sip a delicious cup of cider?  We have been reading all manner of apple books this last couple of weeks as a part of our preschool apple theme. These are some of our favorites:

The Apple Pie Tree
The Apple Pie Tree, by Zoe Hall, illustrated by Shari Halpern: This book is told from the perspective of two children explaining to the reader how the apple trees in their yard grow apples for apple pies. The book weaves in science topics such as the life cycle of the apple and the pollination by insects such as bees. The illustrations are colorful and inviting. This is one of Little M's favorites!

Try making a neat sun catcher out of glue, like this one!

Apples, by Gail Gibbons: This is an all around fantastic book for your apple theme. Delve into the history of the apple, the anatomy of the apple, the life cycle of the apple, and apple agriculture. Adorable illustrations accompany valuable information in this great picture book. We highly recommend this choice! Need a craft to help you discuss the parts of the apple?  This paper plate craft we did last year covers the skin, flesh, seeds, leaves, and stem!

The Apple Orchard Riddle
The Apple Orchard Riddle by Margaret McNamara, illustrated by G. Brian Karas: In this cute story, a class takes a field trip to an apple orchard. The teacher gives them a riddle and the children spend the entire book trying to figure it out. The story touches on the different ways in which children learn and the different kinds of strengths that children may have (which cannot be measured by a test). I would highly recommend this book.  When you read this book, try cutting the apple in half crosswise and try some apple stamping.

Apples and How They Grow
Apples and How They Grow, by Laura Driscoll, illustrated by Tammy Smith: We “read” this story on the computer as a “read along ebook.” It was a really fun experience. Little M loved how the words each turned red as the narrator read them out loud. It would be a great way to model fluency and help children reinforce their reading skills. Aside from that, it was a very cute nonfiction book, which dealt primarily with the issues of apple breeding and grafting (transplanting a branch from one kind of apple tree onto the trunk of another). I think this book would make an excellent addition to anyone's collection of apple books.

Our Apple Tree
Our Apple Tree, by Gorel Kristina Naslund, illustrated by Kristina Digman: The illustrations in this book are truly unique among all of the books on this list. The children depicted on the pages reminded me of little elves escaped from a cookie commercial. Topics touched upon in this book include, the life cycle of an apple, the role of an apple tree in it's environment, pollination, and the uses of apples.

Make your own apple tree in this fun craft/fine motor activity that is perfect for preschool!
Apples, by Ken Robbins: Fantastic photographs really set this book apart from the rest on this list. My favorite photo in the book (on page 13) was a green apple blossom right after the petals have begun to fall off. Don't discount the text, though. Your child will learn all kinds of interesting information about the humble apple.

This fun shake painting would be a great activity to do along with this book!

Apples and Pumpkins
Apples and Pumpkins, by Anne Rockwell, illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell: A young girl and her family go on an autumn trip to a farm to pick their own apples and pumpkins in this very cute book.

Make an apple with this fun cut and paste apple craft which is perfect for toddlers with beginner scissor skills!

Apples, Apples Everywhere!
Apples, Apples Everywhere! Learning About Apple Harvests, by Robin Koontz, illustrated by Nadine Takvorian: Beautiful illustrations of children on a trip to an apple orchard in warm autumn colors accompany this cute book about harvesting and using apples.

Try this apple graphing activity, we did in math last week to connect your apple adventures to some math concepts.

Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed by Jodie Shepherd, illustrated by Masumi Furukawa: This very approachable book tells the legend and life story of Johnny Apple Seed. The text of the book is written in a fun engaging way and the illustrations are bright and playful. This book is really a joy to read.

Johnny Appleseed: My Story
Johnny Appleseed: My Story, by David M. Harrison, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka: Johnny Appleseed (or Johnny Chapman) visits a family and tells them many of the stories and legends that have been associated with him. This book would be very instructive in discussion with your child the difference between believable and unbelievable stories. It was also very funny and entertaining. We enjoyed it.

Mr. Peabody's Apples
Mr. Peabody's Apples, by Madonna: This book tells a very powerful story (which may only be accessible to more mature readers). It contains themes about justice, empathy, morality, and the permanence of action. In the course of the story, a boy spreads a rumor about a teacher which is not true. Readers learn an important lesson about the difficulties of “unspreading” a false rumor.

Apples for Everyone
Apples for Everyone, by Jill Esbaum: Learn all about apples in this simple straightforward book filled with inviting photographs. This selection would be especially great for toddlers due to it's realistic images and simple text.

Need a fun apple themed sensory station for your toddler or preschooler?  I posted about our apple washing station last year. Check it out!

Chicka Chicka 123
Chicka Chicka 123, by Bill Martin Jr, Michael Sampson, & Lois Ehlert: If you love the adventures of the alphabet in Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, you will also love this classic. The numbers feature in this tale climbing up to the top of an apple tree in this cute story. This is a great book for an apple theme as well as a 100 day of the year celebration.

Apple, by Nikki McClure: One word text and three color (black, white, and red) color cut out illustrations make this book a great choice for baby's first book about apples.

This painting we did last year with toy apples was really fun and would be appropriate for even the littlest artists.

A Tree Is a Plant
A Tree Is a Plant, by Clyde Robert Bulla, illustrated by Stacey Schuett: This book is beautifully illustrated. It uses the example of the apple tree to discuss many scientific concepts such as the life cycle of flowering plants, the function of various parts of the tree, and the seasonal cyclic changes that the tree undergoes.

Need a fun flexible apple craft for your toddler or preschooler?  Check out this easy apple tree craft we did last year.

Starting Life Tree
Starting Life: Tree, by Claire Llewellyn, illustrated by Simon Mendez:This great book details the life cycle of the (apple) tree, with tremendous detail and fantastic photo realistic illustrations. This book also does a nice job of putting the trees into a natural context.

My Apple Book

Also, be sure to check out the Interactive Apple Book in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store! Learn about the parts of an apple, the life cycle of the apple, the seasonal cycle of the apple tree, and more!
Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out our list of apple themed children's books! Did we forget your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
16 Apple Books for kids

16 Picture Books About Apples

16 Apple Books for kids

16 Picture Books About Apples

Books for an Apple Theme

Books for an Apple Theme


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