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Reading Before Writing: What Order Should You Teach Your Child Written Language

A few years ago, I came across the idea (I cannot find the link now) that children should learn to write before they learn to read. I was very skeptical. It never made sense to me. How can one construct a word, sentence, or a paragraph in writing if one cannot understand a word, sentence, or a paragraph in writing? To me, it seemed this was, as if, someone were advocating for eating a piece of cake before the cake was baked. How can you possibly write if you cannot even read? Wrapping My Head Around the Reason Why We Should Teach Writing First The moment this concept made sense to me, I was sitting next to my daughter on the couch. I had just finished typing up a post for this blog. She wanted to “write” her book. I have a file on my laptop for her to type into when she asks. Whenever she thinks that she wrote a word, we sound it out and I highlight it if it's a real word. She has known her letters and letter sounds very well for months. Whenever I have g

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