Phonics Tile Lowercase Letter Sort

I was looking through my “school” things the other day when I came across an awesome set of phonics tiles that I had forgotten I even had. The tiles can be used to make words out of the fundamental components. What's I really love about these tiles, is that the show lowercase letters. So many educational toys and books focus on the uppercase letters, but the lowercase letters tend to get neglected. The first thing that sprang to my mind about how to use them? A letter match activity, of course!

Preschooler sorting lowercase letters

What You Will Need Before You Begin

  • phonics tiles
  • an uppercase alphabet puzzle (I used the dollar store puzzle that I mentioned in the Bead Counting Activity[LINK])
  • a cup or some other small container to put the phonics tiles in

The Phonics Tile Letter Sort

First, you will need to sort out only the tiles that you are going to use: the single letter tiles (both consonants and vowels). Place them in the cup, and set aside for the time being.

Preschool child completing uppercase letter puzzle

Put together the letter puzzle, taking turns with your child and taking advantage of the opportunity to talk about the uppercase letters. When it's complete, give your child the cup of phonics tiles. Take turns choosing a tile and placing it on top of the correct corresponding puzzle piece.

After we were finished with the sort, Little M. wanted to try and make words. We made lots of nonsense words. She arranged them into a CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) pattern. With prompting (“What sound does this make?”) she identified the sound of each letter and blended them together! Phonics tiles are awesome!

phonics letter tile lowercase alphabet sort for preschool

If you found this activity useful, please share or leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you! If you are looking for more activities which are useful for teaching letter recognition, check out Erase the Letter, Seed Writing, or Uppercase & Lowercase Sticker Match.


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