Flower Bracelet Craft for Children to Make

My not quite three year old daughter absolutely loves tape, especially beautifully colored or patterned duct tape. She is always asking for more tape for her creations (various odd shapes of cut construction paper taped together with somewhat wrinkled bits of tape). I even put some purple (her favorite color) duct tape in her Easter basket.

We finished up a roll of tape the other day. The shape of the cardboard called out to me to make some sort of a bracelet. I also found a whole bunch of flower stamps and ink pads while I was going through our art supplies. So, I thought we could make this simple, easy, little flower stamp bangle bracelet with materials that I already had on hand.

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Flower Bracelet: Easy Craft for Toddlers or Preschoolers

What Your Child Will Need to Make the Bracelet Craft:

  • cardboard tube leftover from a roll of duct tape
  • construction paper
  • ruler or straight edge
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue (we used glue sticks)
  • flower stamps (you could use any type of stamps you have on hand, but we were learning about flowers this week, so it really dovetailed with our theme)
  • ink pads
  • clear tape

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Before Your Child Begins the Bracelet

Before everything will be ready for you to begin with your child, you will just need to prepare the construction paper to be the appropriate size for your roll of tape. Simply lay the cardboard tube onto the construction paper about ½ inch from the long edge, lining up an outer edge. parallel with the edge of the paper. Along the other edge of the tube, line up a ruler leaving about a ½ inch of space. Mark a line along the ruler and then cut across. You now have a strip of paper a little wider than your bracelet. To make sure it will fit your tube, wrap it around but don't tape it off. It is fine if it's a bit longer than it needs to be (ours was) you will just have it overlap a bit at the ends.

Making the Bracelet with Your Preschooler

Construction paper slip decorated with flower stamps

Set out the paper strip, stamps, and stamp pad. Invite your child to create! Let them experiment with the materials (for example, Little M. experimented with pressing the “wrong” side of the stamp into the stamp pad and the paper to see how it was different from the rubber textured side that we consider the correct side of the stamp). It is especially fun to let the child experiment if it is their first time using the materials. See if they can create their own process and discover for themselves what the tools you provide can create.

Toddler gluing the paper strip to the bracelet

Once your child has finished seeing what they can do with the stamps, you can help them glue the paper strip, now decorated, onto the cardboard. Wrap the extra paper over the edge, and tape everything into place. Allow to dry and place in your child's dress up box for play!

Preschooler showing off her new flower bracelet

Thank you for reading about our flower bracelet craft for any child: toddler, preschool, or kindergartner. If you found his activity useful, please share on social media or let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you! If you enjoyed this activity you may also like Butterfly Letter Craft, Paper Plate Umbrella Craft, Bottle Cap Sailboats, and Rabbit Mask.


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