Dried Flower Collage: A Nature Process Art Activity

Is there anything nicer than being in nature on a sunny spring day?  A couple of weeks ago when the flowers were just starting to really bloom, Little M. and I picked a whole bunch: bright yellow dandelions, vibrant purple violets, deep green clover leaves, and tiny white weedy flowers that I'm not certain of the species. I didn't want to simply put them in a vase to wilt (anyway, we already had carnations and broccoli flowers in a water on the dining room table), so I suggested to Little M. that we could dry them and use them for an art activity. She enthusiastically agreed with the idea.

This activity, will give your child the opportunity to experience nature (both while they are picking the flowers and again when they are making their artwork) and create a fun easy piece of artwork.  Keep reading for instructions on making the pressed flowers, and how to make an invitation for your child to make a collage with them.

Preschool child making a collage with dried flowers

Drying the Flowers

Here's What You Will Need to Dry the Flowers:

  • various colors and species of wildflowers
  • paper towels
  • heavy books

Dried flowers arranged on a paper towel

Directions for Drying the Flowers with Your Child:

Open up one of the books. Place two paper towels on either side of the book, so that the pages are covered. With your child, arrange the flowers on one of the paper towels. Do not allow them to overlap. Close the book, so that the flowers are in between the two paper towels. Place more heavy books on top of the book with the flowers. Let them sit undisturbed for 1-2 weeks.

Need a book about flowers to go with this activity? Check out our roundup of books about flowers!

The Flower Collage

Here's What Your Child Will Need to Make the Collage:

  • pressed flowers (see above)
  • construction paper
  • liquid glue

Dried flowers ready to make a collage

Setting Up the Flower Collage for Your Preschooler

All you have to do for this simple process art activity, is to lay out the materials. The directions are contained within the materials themselves. Let your child cover the paper in glue, press the flowers into the little droplets of glue, paint the paper with glue using the flower as a paintbrush, or whatever strikes their creative fancy!

Child made collage with dried flowers

If you enjoyed this collage activity, check out our other process art activities. Thank you for reading about our flower collage today. If you found this activity useful, please share or leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!  Do you have a favorite way to incorporate nature into your child's art activities?

Flower Collage: Preschool Process Art


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