Clothespin Bees: A Counting Activity for Preschool

This week, Little M. and I have been reading and learning all about bees. I wanted to provide the opportunity for her to explore counting number 1-10 within the theme this week. These counting cards were a fun activity, that she could do by herself (although there is no reason that you couldn't do this with your child if you want to). I will explain how to create the manipulatives (they are very simple, trust me) as well as how to use them.

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Hive card with 4 finished bees

What You Will Need to Make the Bees and Hive Cards:

index cards
yellow pom poms
black fabric paint
hot glue

How to Make the Cards:

To make the cards, simply draw a hive on each card (I made one and then traced that one on the rest so that they would be uniform). Then write a numeral (1-10) on each card. You could also make a card for zero, if you wished. You could cut out the hives or laminate them if you want.

Making the Bees:

Warm up your glue gun. Glue a yellow pom pom to the end of each clothespin. When the glue is dry, paint black stripes across. Make 10.

10 finished bees for preschool counting practice

Playing with the Bee Math Manipulatives:

To use the cards, simply shuffle the cards. Then, ask your child to identify the number in the hive. Finally, the child will count the correct number of bees as they clip them onto the hive.

Another game that you could play with these materials, would be for the adult to clip the bees to the hive, and then ask the child to count them (ask the child, “How many bees are in the hive?”). After they count, flip the card over to reveal the side with the numeral written on it.

We played with the bees once, and then I placed them in a basket that I use for independent educational activities. She played with them for both math practice and imaginative play several times throughout the week.

Counting Bees: Preschool Math

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Thank you for reading this bee math activity for preschool. If you found it useful, please share or leave a comment down below. I'd love to hear from you!


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