Children's Book Roundup: Bees

This week, Little M. and I read and learned all about bees. Bees are fascinating insects which are definitely worthy of your little one's (and your) attention. They fly, pollinate, build amazing homes, and even dance! Here are our top children's books about bees (our favorite is at the bottom).

Bees: Children's Book Roundup

Our Top Nine Books About Bees:

9. Buzz, Bee!, by Jennifer Szymanski: A simple reader from National Geographic will stunning photo illustrations full of the many events in the average day of a honeybee. This would be a phenomenal choice for a child just learning how to read on their own.

8. Little Bee, by Edward Gibbs: Each animal in a progression is running from the one that proceeded it, started by a little bee. Finally, it turns out that the man being chased at the end is, in fact, being chased by the bee which started the whole event.

7. Bees, by Laura Marsh: Another National Geographic reader, this one aimed at a higher reading level. Engaging photo illustrations accompany interesting information about these fascinating insects. This nonfiction selection is a great introduction to bees.

6. Animal Architects Bees, by Karen Latchana Kenney: This fascinating nonfiction selection focuses on the homes that various bees build for themselves. It includes both social and solitary species. I had never known how many different kinds of amazing structures that were built by bees.

5. Bee: A Peek Through Picture Book, by Britta Teckentrup: Hexagonal honey comb cell shaped cut outs frame the bees flying through the beautiful illustrations in this book. Follow the adventures of a honeybee through with great descriptive writing and rhyme.

4. The Honeybee Man, by Lela Nargi and Kyrsten Brooker: A man in Brooklyn keeps three bee cities (bee hives) on the roof of his building. He watches the bees visit his neighbors gardens and collect nectar to make their honey. The book describes the process of harvesting the honey which he shares with all of his neighbors. This is a nice introduction to bees and beekeeping.

3. Bee Dance by Rick Chrustowski: This spectacularly illustrated book documents the process a bee undertakes as she finds a flower, collects nectar and pollen, and then communicates her find to the rest of the workers in the hive. We were definitely practicing our waggle dance after reading this book.

2. The Beeman, by Laurie Krebs and Valeria Cis: A little boy describes how his grandfather (the beeman) cares for his hive of bees in this adorably illustrated book. Interesting information about bees and beekeeping is woven throughout this rhyming story as well as in more in depth sections at the end of the book.

1. Honeybee's Busy Day, by Richard Fowler: This was hands down, Little M.'s favorite book of the week. After we finished reading the book, we discovered a little bee sitting in a pocket of the inside back cover. Re-reading the book, I discovered little slits throughout the pages, that the bee can slip into to transition to the next page. It is a really fun read.

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What are your favorite books about everyone's favorite pollinating insect? Let us know in the comments below!


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