Wind Painting: Harnessing the Power of Moving Air to Make Process Art

blowing the paint all over the paper with the straw

Wind Painting

We heard the wind during the straw flute activity and with the found art wind chime.  You can't see air or wind, but you can see the physical effects of wind. In this activity, you will paint without any solid paintbrush.

You will need:

  • paper
  • paint (it might be a good idea to thin the paint with a little water to make it easier to move)
  • straws

Do the activity:

Talk to your child about the wind. How can they sense it? What do they see when the wind blows? Explain that they are going to move paint with wind and see the effects of wind in action!

Place a few glops (technical term) of paint onto the paper. Give them a straw and invite them to blow air through the straw at the paint and see what happens. Ask them what they see.

This is a neat process art activity, with no prescribed outcome.  Allow your child to experiment with the power of wind!

Wind Painting Process Art Activity

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