Seed Sequencing Activity for Preschool and Toddlers

toddler retelling the process of a seed becomming a seedling

Seed Sequencing Activity

As a part of our study on seeds and germination, I made this simple and easy to use printable to go over the steps of the process that a seed takes as it transforms into a seedling. We used words relating to time such as, “first,” “next,” “after that,” and “finally.” In talking about the steps and putting them in the correct order, children will be working on skills that will help them with writing and retelling literature.

You will need:

toddler coloring in the sequencing printable

Print out the sequencing page. Discuss the steps that the seed undergoes as it sprouts.
  • First, the seed falls in moist soil, where it can grow.
  • Next, the seed coat bursts open and a root emerges.
  • After that, the stem begins to grow upward and the root grows larger.
  • Finally the seed leaves emerge from the soil.
Seed Sequencing: Science Activity for Preschoolers

Provide crayons or colored pencils, and allow them to color. Help them to cut out the pictures. Scramble them up and ask the child to put them in the right order. Ask them to tell you how a seedling grows, using the picture.  Use the sequence words to prompt them throughout the story, if needed.

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  1. Perfect time of the year. We are planning a small garden and this will be perfect to help my little preschooler just how it works! Thank you!

    1. So glad you found this useful! Good luck with your garden.


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