Rain in a Jar: An Easy Science Activity

 blue colored water permeating the jar

Rain Cloud in a Jar

Yesterday I wrote about our rain gauge, today we're continuing our rain theme by making our own rain cloud! When droplets in the atmosphere condense and become heavy enough they fall to the ground as rain. This demonstration allows the child to witness a similar phenomenon: when, the droplets from the eye dropper get heavy enough and fall through the cloud (shaving cream) and permeate the water beneath.

Using the eye dropper is excellent fine motor practice (and fun too) for little hands.  Using multiple colors also gives you an opportunity to discuss primary and secondary colors.  We ended up doing this a few times in a row.

jar filled with water and shaving cream waiting to begin the science activity

You will need:

  • canning jar
  • shaving cream
  • water
  • small bowl
  • food coloring
  • eyedropper

child dropping water of various colors into the shaving cream

To make the rain in a jar:

Fill the jar with water, leaving a couple of inches of head space. Add about an inch of shaving cream. Set aside. Mix up some water and food coloring in a bowl, or you can mix up a few different colors each in their own bowls.  Try to make the colors on the darker side so that they will still be visible when they mix with the clear water.

pink water permeating the jar

Set the jar and the bowls of colored water on the child's workspace. Allow the child to drop the water onto the shaving cream. Little M. enjoyed using the eye dropper and then she was thrilled to see the colors punch through into the water. She added food coloring until the water was a dark brown. And then we did it again. And again.

Rain in a Jar: Easy Science Activity

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