Found Object Wind Chime

our finished found object wind chime

Found Object Wind Chime

Yesterday, I posted about the straw flute activity we did. Today we will be hearing the wind another way, with a beautiful wind chime.

I wanted to make a wind chime with Little M. out of everyday metal objects that a young child could manipulate and thread onto a string. Washers and nuts from the hardware store were a perfect fine motor challenge for little hands. The ones with holes in them are called plaster washers and they were especially interesting to Little M. You could use any metal object with a hole it it (foreign coins or old keys would be so cool).

While I was shopping in the hardware store for the materials, I came across hinge pins: the long thin metal pins that hold your door in place. These make a great sound! I would highly recommend them.

You will need:
  • string or gimp
  • 4 hinge pins
  • odds and ends from the hardware store (nuts, washers, etc)
  • the metal ring from a canning jar (that holds the lid in place)

toddler using her fine motor skills to thread the hardware onto the lanyard

Tie each of the hinge pins to its own length of string, about 12 in. Place the rest of the hardware into a container and invite your little student to string the objects. The hinge pin will stop the objects from sliding off the string.

When they are finished, help your child to tie the strings to the canning lid at even intervals. Cut another length of string, about 10 inches or so. Tie each end to the top of the canning lid. You can now hang the wind chime from this length of string.

our wind chime making music

Sit back and enjoy the sounds of your wind chime as the breeze moves all around you!

Found Object Wind Chime

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  1. This is a great activity for my boys to do with their tinker kit. Thank you for sharing.

    1. No problem! I'm so glad you find it useful.

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