Book Roundup: Our Favorite Books About Rain

This week, our book basket was filled with books about rain! (We also did so many rain themed activities. Check out two of my favorites: the DIY Rain Gauge and the Rain Splatter Painting.) Here were our favorites from the week. I may add more as we discover them.

#5. Rain, by Carol Thompson: This simple short book about the rain is filled with the sounds of rain falling down and children jumping into puddles. This board book would be a great choice for a baby or young toddler with a shorter attention span.

#4. The Big Umbrella, by Amy June Bates and Juniper Bates: This is a neat little story about an umbrella that makes itself bigger to protect everyone from the rain. By the end, the illustration shows an entire park full of people enjoying their day together under the safety of the big red umbrella. It was a very cute read with great illustrations, but honestly my favorite thing about this book was who the authors were. It was written by a little girl and her mom. M. got a huge kick out of that too. It is so neat seeing the idea bloom in her mind that kids can accomplish great things.

#3. Who Likes Rain?, by Wong Herbert Yee: Gorgeously illustrated little book, which presents the reader with a series of call and answers prompted by a rhyming pattern. Your child will be shouting out the answers to the question, “Who likes the rain?” as you read through this story. This is a great choice for younger readers.

#2. Rain, by Sam Usher: This is cute little book about a boy and his grandfather on a rained day. While they are rained in, the little boy plays several games of pretend while the grandfather writes a letter. When the rain clears, they go out to mail the letter and play in the rain. The book does a wonderful job of presenting the perspective of a child excitedly awaiting an adventure. Although plot of the book is hyper realistic, the games the child plays (and the illustrations of them) are fantastical. Overall, it was a very enjoyable read.

#1. It's Raining, by Gail Gibbons: This adorably illustrated book illustrates many of the scientific questions children (or adults) may have about rain. Concepts covered in the book include: the rain cycle, different types of rain clouds, rainfall totals in various parts of the world, and various hazzards caused by rain. This book was very engaging, and was enjoyed by both M. and myself.

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