Rabbit Activity Roundup

brown rabbit

Rabbit Activity Roundup

To celebrate the end of this long, long, loooooooong winter, Little M. and I studied rabbits to bring in the first days of spring. (I'm ignoring the snow outside. Snow? What snow?) Here are some of the activities we did this week:

Soft Rabbit Craft Activity: 

I set out an outline of a rabbit that I drew on paper (you could also print out a template if you wish), a selection of pastel pompoms that I found at the dollar store, and some liquid school glue. As she glued the pompoms on (and around) the rabbit, we talked about what it would be like to touch a rabbit's soft fur. She really enjoyed this simple activity.
gluing pom poms onto the rabbit in this activity

Painting with Rabbit (and Spring) Stamps: 

For an easy art activity, I set out paper, paint, stamps, and a paintbrush. You could also fold the paper in half, to make cards for your spring holiday of choice.
painting and stamping rabbits

Rabbit Ornaments: 

This activity was a bit involved. It will take at least two days; one to make the clay and ornaments, and another to paint them. Once the clay was cooled, we rolled it out with a rolling pin and pressed the cookie cutter in to make the rabbit shape. We place the naked bunnies out of the way to harden and painted them. These would make nice gifts for a springtime holiday.

Rabbit Track Painting

We stamped rabbit tracks on paper to better understand the movement and tracks of rabbits.
adding rabbit tracks with a stamp

Rabbit Mask

We painted a paper plate mask with watercolor. Little M. enjoyed hopping around the living room with her new favorite bunny mask!
gluing the whiskers onto the rabbit mask

Egg Stamping

Stamp plastic Easter eggs on a construction paper rabbit in this fun process art activity.
stamping the rabbit with Easter eggs

Rabbit Play Dough: 

Break out some brown play dough, rolling pins, and rabbit cookie cutters (or try to make some free form). You can incorporate some math by counting the bunnies or sorting them by size.

Rabbit Lacing Card: 

 On a piece of corrugated cardboard, I drew the shape of a rabbit's head. Then I cute it out and punched holes with a hole punch. I cut a piece of string long enough to go through all of the holes. Little M. had fun pulling the string through the holes and making interesting designs. This simple fine motor activity is great for little hands.

Rabbit Hopping: 

This is a great option for some movement on a rainy day. Put on some music and hop around the room like a rabbit. To make it fancier, you could make rabbit tracks with painters tape on the floor and invite the child to jump from tack to track.

Rabbit Pompom Match: 

You can find the original activity along with the printable here. Your child will match bunny tails (pompoms) to the corresponding rabbits color. I printed the rabbits out on some oak tag and affixed the pom poms on with self adhesive Velcro dots. Next time, I would use buttons instead of pompoms though, because the pompoms were not strong enough and Little M. ripped one in half trying to pull it from the bunny. We also read White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker to go with this activity.

Bunny Lunch:

I cut out a bunny shape with a cookie cutter out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We ate our bunnies with carrot sticks and apple slices. Easy and fun!

Rabbit Veterinarian: 

Set out your child's play doctor kit along with some stuffed rabbits. If you don't have a doctor's kit, you can provide a Popsicle stick (as a tongue depressor) and bandages.

Don't forget to check out all the fun books we read this week as well. Happy hopping!


  1. The bunny lunch is so cute! I will have to dig out my bunny cookie cutter to make it for my littles soon.

    1. Thanks! She really enjoyed it. Halfway through she asked for the bunny to have eyes. I think next time, I would add raisins for eyes and a nose and maybe use some thin carrot sticks for whiskers.

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