Egg Stamped Rabbit

Egg Stamped Rabbit

Need a fun seasonal process art activity? This was absolutely toddler approved! If you want something more open ended (with less prep for you) simply hand your child a plain piece of construction paper, rather than the rabbit form.

You will need:
  • plastic Easter eggs in a diversity of sizes (for a non Easter variation of this activity, substitute rabbit shaped cookie cutters)
  • construction paper
  • rabbit template or hand drawn rabbit shape
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • paint

To prepare for this activity, trace your template or drawn the rabbit onto the paper with the black marker. Cut out the rabbit. Assemble the rest of your supplies.

Provide the eggs (or cookie cutters), cut out rabbit, and paint to your child. Invite them to experiment with the materials. By dipping the inside of the egg into the paint and pressing it to the paper, they can make lots of circle shapes. By dipping the outer tips, they can make different sized dots. At one point Little M. started finger painting! This is a great project to experiment with.

Little M. enjoyed pretending that the circles on the page were galaxies. She painted with the various colors until they blended together. She was delighted that the bunny turned brown, “like a real rabbit!”

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