Counting Buttons (Or Other Small Objects)

using the cards to count rocks

Counting Buttons (Or Other Small Objects)

Need a math activity to help your little one learn how to count objects or to recognize the numerals 1-10. This activity works on both of those skills! Plus, this activity was a huge hit with Little M.

using the card activity to count buttons

For this activity you will need,

  • small plain bookmarks or cardstock rectangles
  • plain circle stickers, like the kind used at tag sales
  • a permanent marker
  • small objects to count, such as buttons, pompoms, beads, etc.

doing the activity again with acorns
To make the cards, simply write the target number on the left side of the card. Then, place the correct number of stickers on the right.

In front of the student, model how to use the cards. Say something such as, "I think this is number 6. Let me count out the objects to see if I'm right." Then simply count each object as you place it on the sticker. "There are six buttons. I was correct!"

You can take turns with your child, picking the cards at random and counting out the appropriate number of objects or you can do it together.

this time, doing the math activity using maple keys
This is a great activity to tie in with the seasons and whatever you happen to be learning about. Learning about pumpkins? Use your cards to count pumpkin seeds. Discussing ocean life? Count small sea shells. This is a very flexible and repeatable activity. Have fun counting!


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