Pumpkin Painting

Little M. picked out these two perfect little pumpkins at the farm the other day, and I thought that we could do a little decorating.  She choose the colors of paint.  You could use black, green, and purple for a very Halloween appropriate pumpkin. 

You will need:
  • pumpkins, any size (at least one per child)
  • washable paint
  • paintbrushes (we used foam brushes, really anything would work)
  • a pallet for the paint (we used the lid of an old Chinese food container)
  • a drop cloth for wherever you are painting (we just used a garbage bag)
In a space the child is comfortable painting, setup the supplies.  Allow the child to choose a few colors of paint, and put them on your pallet.  Arrange the pumpkins, paint, and brushes on your drop cloth.

Invite the child to get creative.  Watch the messy fun!

Little M. really loved this activity.  When we were done, she asked for more pumpkins to paint.  When I told her we were all out of pumpkins, she asked if we could go back to the pumpkin patch to buy more! I think it's a hit.


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