Glitter Pumpkin

We got another pumpkin yesterday at the grocery store.  We already painted pumpkins and it's way to early to carve them (they would be rotten by Halloween-plus definitely not toddler friendly!)  I gave Little M. a few choices, and the verdict was clear and resounding- GLITTER!

For this activity, you will need:
  • glue (we used glitter glue and school glue)
  • glitter
  • a paintbrush
  • a pumpkin
  • any precautions that you want to take against the sparkly invasion (muhahaha-good luck)

 After we set up our work space, we got out the glitter glue.  After demonstrating, Little M. was very much on board.  She enjoyed squeezing various colors of glitter onto her pumpkin.

After she tired of that, I handed her a foam paintbrush and she spread out the glitter glue.  It was a little sparkly, but very sparkly.

I went into the craft supplies and got the glue shaker (which we only bring out when serious glitter is needed).  She had fun shaking the glitter on top of the glitter glue.  Eventually the glitter got so thick that I worried that it would stop sticking, so we drizzled some school glue on top.

She was very happy with the final result.  I think she will be asking to do that project again.


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