Cookie Cutter Painting: P is for Pumpkin

Continuing with our pumpkin theme this week, I thought it would be fun to do a cookie cutter stamping project with all of the pumpkin cookie cutters we have.  This activity requires very few materials and virtually no setup, so it is a great go-to when you have virtually no motivation.  Also, by integrating the letter shapes, you are doing a tiny bit of phonics (every little bit helps, right?)

You will need:
  • cookie cutters (we used pumpkin and p shapes)
  • paint, any color (washable please!)
  • paper
  • a painter's pallet (we used an old plastic lid)
  • a protective covering for your child's work space, an apron to protect their clothes, etc.
As your child stamps the cookie cutters and makes prints on the paper, you can talk about the word "pumpkin."  You can model your knowledge of phonemic awareness and phonics: "I hear the /p/ sound at the beginning of the word pumpkin.  I know that P makes the /p/ sound."

Little M. invited me to stamp along with her, so as I stamped the letter p I made the /p/ sound.  We had fun taking turns with the cookie cutters and making our noises!


  1. Do you have cookie cutters specifically for painting?

  2. Nope! We just use non toxic paints and wash them well after use.


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