Apple Washing Station

Little M. asked to do water play outside this morning, but it is way too cold here to be getting soaked.  I decided to set up this little activity to satisfy her need for water play and my need to stay warm!
You will need:
  • a bucket or dishpan
  • warm water
  • apple scented dish soap or shampoo
  • a brush, sponge, or toothbrush
  • play apples (I included some other fruit.  Eventually, Little M. added in some other water safe toys.)
  • a towel to catch drips

This was super easy to set up.  Squirt a little soap in the bottom of the dishpan and fill with warm water and toys.  Little M. and I took turns scrubbing the different kinds of fruit and she even grabbed some other water safe toys.

Lately, she has been very interested in washing her food.  She has been bringing the play food to the bathroom sink (which she can reach with the aid of a step stool) to "wash the pesticides off."

She enjoyed this activity tremendously! We will definitely do this one again.
Apple Washing Station: Sensory Play
Apple Washing Station Pretend Play
Autumn Sensory Activity: Apple Washing Station


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