Apple Paper Plate Craft #1: Cutting & Gluing


Little M. is still learning how to properly hold and use scissors, so I thought it would be fun to pre-cut strips of paper that she could easily snip into squares and then use to decorate something.  Why not an apple?

 You will need:
  •  a paper plate
  • glue
  • scissors
  • construction paper (brown, green, and red)

 Cut out a couple leaves out of the green, and a stem out of the brown.  Now cut a few strips (I did 6 of each) from the red and green paper.

Model proper handling and use of the scissors for your child and demonstrate cutting the strips, if necessary.  Let your child cut (and rip) to their heart's content!

When your child is done cutting (either because they run out of materials or they just want to do something different) hand over the paper plate and the glue.  I was thinking that she would glue the paper to the bottom of the plate (like the convex surface of an apple) but she had other plans!  It doesn't really matter which side you decorate.

When your child is finished gluing the strips, help them glue the stem and the leaves in place.

Congratulations!  You have an apple.

If your child wants, they could make their apple all red, all green, or yellow.  They could even make it purple if they really wanted too!
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