Painting (Or Drawing) with Sound: Process Art Activity for Preschool

I'm always trying to come up with fun open ended activities to do with Little M. This process art project is super easy to do, and it's also very child directed. We had so much fun making music while we made our art! This activity can be done 2 (or more) ways. We tried both.

Preschooler drawing with pencil & bells

What You Will Need to Make Art and Music with Your Preschooler

  • one pipe cleaner for each writing implement
  • a handful of small bells (the kind that you can get in the dollar store are fine)
  • pencils or paintbrushes
  • paint (unless you are only going to draw with your child)
  • paper

Setting Up to Create Beautiful Art with Bells

You will need to string the bells onto the pipe cleaner, about five or so bells on each (you could place a different number of bells on each pipe cleaner to vary the sound that each implement makes). Center the bells somewhat in the middle of the pipe cleaner. Coil the pipe cleaner with the bells around the top of each writing implement. Do the same for all of the pencils or paintbrushes (or markers, pens, etc) that you wish to present to your child.

Making Art (And Music!) with Your Preschooler

Preschooler painting with bells

Set up the prepared pencils or paintbrushes (and paint, if you are painting) with the paper in a comfortable work station for your child. Allow them to experiment with their new tools. They may wish to shake, tap, or generally experiment with them before (or instead of) making art. That's fine! This activity is just as much about music and sound as it is about art.

We tried drawing with pencil first. It was fun experimenting with different kinds of lines and shapes and seeing what kinds of noise they made. For instance, zig zags made a very fast paced rhythmic sound. The music of the bells creates a whole new feedback for the artist in addition to the usual visual feedback.

Writing with Bells: Preschool Prewriting and Process Art Activity

If you found this activity useful please share or leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you! Looking for more open ended process art activities? Check out Marker Painting, "Rain" Splatter Painting, and Wind Painting.


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