Learning About Measurement with Flowers (A Preschool Math Activity)

This week, Little M. and I are celebrating spring by learning with flowers! The idea for this activity came to me when someone was measuring the house next door for new siding. The man was using one of those rolling devices (which is called a measuring wheel, I learn something new every day) to measure the length of the house. Little M., of course wanted to use the measuring wheel. That not being possible, I asked her if she wanted to measure the flowers. I got an enthusiastic yes!

If you need a book to go with this activity, check out our roundup of flower books!

This activity will give your preschooler a chance to experiment with measuring objects with both standard and non standard measures, as well as counting objects (the paperclips) and estimation. This is also a great excuse to do your math lesson outside!

Measurement with Flowers (Preschool Math)

Here's What You Will Need to Measure Flowers with Your Preschooler:

  • spring flowers from a park or your backyard
  • paper clips
  • ruler and/or measuring tape

Doing This Activity with Your Child: Here's What We Did

Invite your child to walk around the yard or park and pick some wildflowers (such as dandelions, violets, and buttercups). You will probably need some with longer stems, so if your child just snaps the bloom off, you may want to pick some as well (which will also give you plants of various lengths to measure).

Lay one of the flowers down on a flat surface. Ask your child how many paperclips they think it will take to match the length of the flower. Then help them lay the paperclips end to end next to the flower, counting them as you go. Was your estimate high, low, or exact?

Nonstandard Measurement: Measuring a Dandelion with Paperclips

Next, you can measure the flower with the ruler or measuring tape. Show your child the inches o the ruler or measuring tape. Count them together. Ask your preschooler, how many inches they think the flower is. Then lay the ruler or measuring tape next to the flower and see. How close was your estimate this time?

Standard Measurement: Measuring a Dandelion with a Ruler

If your child wants to keep measuring, you could try measuring objects around the yard using flowers as your measure. A picnic table is a great object to use. Simply lay flowers end to end on the table to measure. What else can you measure?

If you found this activity interesting or helpful, please share or leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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