Flower Book Roundup

This week we will be reading about, examining, and experimenting with flowers. Stepping outside, for a walk or gong to the park, lawns everywhere are dotted with sunny yellow dandelions. Striking purple violets are emerging through the sidewalk cracks. Everywhere in a child's world vibrant flowers are making their presence known.  (Our favorite is at the bottom!)

children's book roundup: flowers

Our favorite Books About Flowers

6. Counting in the Garden, by Kim Parker: This counting book is filled with beautiful and colorful illustrations that you and your child will look at as you count all of the garden's inhabitants. This succinct book would be a marvelous choice for younger readers such as babies and toddlers.

5. The Flower Alphabet Book, by Jerry Pallotta and Leslie Evans: Learn more about flowers from amaryllis to zinnia in this a-z book of flowers. Friendly, warm illustrations accompany informative descriptions of each flower.

4. The Reason for a Flower, by Ruth Heller: Learn more about flowering plants including why plants make flowers, to produce seeds. Also learn things such as the parts of a flower, the mechanics of pollination, and facts about interesting species of flowering plants. Rhyming verse engages young readers.

3. Flower Garden, by Eve Bunting: A little girl and her father buy some flower plants at the store, bring them home, and plant them in a window box as a birthday gift for the little girl's mother. Even though the flowers are a birthday gift, this book would make a lovely read around mother's day too!

2. A Dandelion's Life, by John Himmelman: Your child will discover the fascinating life cycle of the common dandelion. From a tiny sprout in the ground to a seed flying in the wind, every page is filled beautiful illustrations accompanying this amazing story of a humble little weed.

1. Planting a Rainbow, by Lois Ehlert: a child describes planting a flower garden with their mother. They plant seeds, bulbs, and seedlings and watch them grow. Ehlert beautifully draws blooms for every color of the rainbow in her gorgeous illustrations. Little M. was absolutely captivated by this book.

If you found this list helpful, share or leave a comment down below.  I'd love to hear from you!  What is your favorite children's book about flowers?

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