Uppercase & Lowercase Sticker Match

the activity is set up ready to go

Uppercase & Lowercase Sticker Match

This activity is a great bridge for children who are already familiar with the uppercase alphabet and are ready to learn their lowercase letters. Peeling the stickers is also great fine motor work for toddlers.

You will need:
  • paper
  • plain circle stickers (such as the ones used for garage sales)
  • permanent marker

toddler practicing her letter recognition, matching the uppercase and lowercase letters

To prepare the activity write the uppercase letters scattered on the piece of paper. Make sure to write them small enough that they can be covered by the stickers. The write a set of lowercase letters on the stickers.

If your child is new to the lowercase letters, you can review them before you hand them the paper. You can do it together or take turns, whichever works for your child.

Once you have done the alphabet a couple of times, you may wish to use this activity to do a word match where you write a word (such as their name, the name of a holiday, or their town, etc) on a piece of paper and the corresponding lowercase letters on the stickers.

This is a fun activity which travels well. Make it ahead of time, and place it in a baggie. Bring it with you to a restaurant, on vacation, or to the waiting room at the doctor's office. Happy learning!

Alphabet Sticker Match Activity for Toddlers


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