Book Roundup: Our Favorite Children's Books About Wind

A cloud blowing the wind

Book Roundup: Wind and Air

This week, Little M. and I did several activities learning about wind.  Here are our favorite five books about wind and air this week.  Happy reading:

#6. Kate, Who Tamed the Wind, by Liz Garton Scanlon:This adorably illustrated book centers around a young girl who wants to help an old man plagued by extreme wind on the top of the mountain.  She plants trees around the man's home.  As the trees (and the little girl) grow, the wind becomes calmer until it is only a gentle breeze.

#5. Feel the Wind, by Arthur Dorros: This was an informative book about wind. Little M. particularly enjoyed the illustration and description of the phenomenon which causes wind by the ocean. The illustrations of windmills were also very interesting.

#4. Like a Windy Day, by Frank Asch: In this imaginative book, a child pretends that they are the wind. She moves through the world as the wind does scattering seeds, turning windmills, flying kites, etc. It makes a lovely summary for all of the scientific concepts explained in the other books listed here.

#3 Air: Outside, Inside, and All Around, by Darlene Stille: This book explains various concepts about air and wind in a very understandable way. The illustrations are particularly engaging.

#2. Who Likes the Wind?, by Etta Kaner: This is a great little book which takes the reader through the perspective of several children describing why they enjoy the wind. Each child's response triggers a question about nature which is answered in a little fold out. 

#1. I Face the Wind, by Vicki Cobb: This book was a huge hit. Little M. was absolutely enthralled by the way the book invites you to investigate the scientific principles for yourself. Rather than dictate facts, Cobb invites you to discover reality for yourself through a series of cool experiments.


  1. I didn't know about it. I'm sharing it.

  2. Wind chimes have a fascinating history. Their primary use, across a range of different cultures, seems to have been the warding off of evil spirits.


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