Seed Writing: A Letter and Fine Motor Activity

the completed activity: seeds spealling out the word "seed"

Seed Writing

This is a very fun and flexible activity. You could write any word that you wished to work on. It is a great name recognition activity for younger children. Older children could write spelling words or make an acrostic poem about seeds, gardens, or spring. It requires very few inexpensive materials. During this activity, children will work on letter recognition and fine motor skills.

Please be sure to supervise the children throughout the entire duration of this activity and not attempt this activity with younger toddlers or children who mouth objects due to the small nature of the seeds.

You will need:
  • paper or card stock
  • liquid glue
  • seeds (you could use birdseed, I had a bunch of very old seed packets so we used those)
  • a container for the seeds

first, write the word in glue

First, you or the child will write the chosen word in glue. We wrote the word “seed” as well as her name. Show the child how to scatter some of the seeds over the paper. Allow them to scatter the seeds as well as to experience the texture and feel of the seeds in their hands.

drop seeds onto the glue word

Once all of the glue has been cover in seeds, simply pour the extra seeds back into the container. Repeat as many times as desired with as many words as you can think of! Note: larger words may require bigger paper as small letters can be a little tricky to read.

Seed Writing: a fun activity to help children learn letters

I hope you enjoyed this activity.  If you did please let me know in a comment and don't forget to share!

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  1. Very cool idea! I wonder if one could do this with edible materials to make a bird feeder?

    1. Great idea! Would you use sugar water as the glue?


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