Seed Collage: A Process Art Activity for Preschool and Toddlers

toddler placing seeds onto her collage

Seed Collage

This was a fun easy project with very little prep needed. Older children could create fun patterns and mosaic pictures with their seeds, younger children can simply glue the seeds onto the paper in whatever manner they wish. The activity is very flexible.

I used a variety of seeds. This is a great excuse to use up last year's (or even older) seeds that didn't get planted. A diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes adds a bit of interest to the activity and the finished work.

Do not do this activity with younger toddlers or any child who may put the seeds in their mouth.  Supervise the children the entire time they are doing this activity.

 All you need is:

  • paper or card stock
  • liquid glue
  • seeds of various types
  • a container to put the seeds in
the finished seed collage

 Making the Collage:

Provide all of the supplies and let your child create! All they need to do is put small dabs of glue on the paper and press the seeds into the glue. If your child struggles with using the right amount of liquid glue, you could help them dot the paper with glue and then let them go to town with the seeds.

Little M. enjoyed this activity so much, that she asked for it twice during the week.  She really enjoyed the whole process: squeezing the glue, picking up the seeds, and placing them onto the paper.

Seed Collage: Fun Process Art for Preschool
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