Rabbit Mask

Rabbit Mask

This week we are studying rabbits to celebrate the onset of spring. Yesterday, I posted about our rabbit track activity. Today we are continuing the festive fun with an easy paper plate mask, to foster creativity and imaginative play.

You will need:
  • a paper plate, with the center circle cut out
  • scraps of construction paper, cut into long half ovals for the ears
  • 3 pipe cleaners, cut in half for the whiskers
  • watercolor paints
  • liquid school glue

With your child, look at pictures of rabbits. Ask them what they notice about their faces. Accept all answers. You may want to point out their long ears and whiskers if your child does not mention them, as they will be a large part of this activity.

 Provide your child with the plate as well as the paints. Little M. enjoyed designing the plate. She narrated her painting, making sure to tell me that she was painting all of the continents. And Florida. My budding space nerd is a bit fixated with Florida and Cape Canaveral.

Once your child is satisfied with their creation, provide the glue, ears, and whiskers. Help them glue the details onto the face. Once the mask is dried, give it to your child and let their imagination run wild. Little M. enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror with her mask.


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