Pumpkin Math + a Craft

This week, for our pumpkin theme I wanted to do another paper plate craft.  Jack-o-lanterns scream out for work with shapes, in my opinion: the triangle eyes, the square teeth, etc.  For me, it seems like a really logical combination.  First we did a sorting activity, then cutting, and finally gluing to assemble her creation!  This activity has elements of math, fine motor, and a craft all rolled into one.

For prep, I cut the orange construction paper into strips, the black construction paper into shapes (triangle, square, and rectangle), and the green construction paper into a spiral.  I also drew a triangle, a square, and a rectangle on three plastic cups.  That's it!

You will need:
  • a paper plate
  • orange construction paper, cut into strips
  • black construction paper, cut into various shapes
  • green construction paper, cut into a spiral
  • a small plastic cup, with each shape drawn on it in sharpie
  • glue
  • scissors
First, I showed Little M. the three cups.  We talked about the shapes on each one.  Then I brought out the black shapes.  I was about to invite her to sort the black shapes into the cups-but she started doing it all on her own!  Neat!

Once all the shapes were sorted, we set aside all the cups for later.  I set out the orange strips and the scissors.  I quickly reminded her about scissor safety, and she set out to cut (and tear) apart the strips.

Once the orange paper was cut up to her satisfaction, I gave her the plate and glue.  She needed reminding that you have to stick each piece on it's own dot of glue.  When she seemed done with the orange, I gave her the black and green pieces.  She had fun gluing about four rectangles onto the same spot on the bottom of her pumpkin (more sorting perhaps?)  I suggested that she might glue on some eyes and a stem.  She agreed.

This craft was a lot of fun to put together!  Enjoy!


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