A Drum for All Seasons

What to you do with two empty oatmeal containers once the oatmeal is gone?  You make drums, of course.  You could just as easily use a coffee can, potato chip tube (you know the ones), ow whatever cylindrical container you have on hand.  I decided that we should decorate these with the fall leaf stickers that I got from the dollar store.  Miss. M. choose to use the colored pencils.  However, you could just as easily use markers, crayons, paint, stamps and ink pads, dot markers, etc.  When we finished our creations, Little M. and I had an amazing dance party to some Lindsey Stirling!  

You will need:
  • an empty oatmeal container (at least one for each child, plus one for you-trust me)
  • a sheet of paper large enough to fit around your cylinder
  • some kind of writing implement
  • stickers
  • glue
  • tape
Cut the paper down to the correct size to fit the height of your cylinder.  It's good if the sides overlap.
Place the paper on a flat surface where the child will be comfortable drawing.  Provide your child child with the writing implements and invite them to draw.

When the child is satisfied with their drawing, given them the glue stick and have them apply the glue liberally to the container.  Help them cover the container with their drawing.  Tape down the edges of the paper to make it extra secure.

Provide the child with stickers and invite them to decorate the drum further.

When the child is finished making their drum, turn on the music and have a dance party!


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