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Play Dough Constellations: Sensory Play for Space

Constellations are so magical: ancient maps in the sky imagined by people long ago. They are simple points of light light years away which were imagined into pictures by imagining connecting lines. They are a combination of astronomy, art, and myth.

Play dough is already a tremendous medium for sensory exploration and play that children love. This simple activity invites children to create their own unique constellations using small balls of play dough linked together by toothpicks.
Here Is Everything You Will Need for This Activityplay doughtoothpicks (that's it)
You will first need to demonstrate how to make a constellation. Roll a few small pieces of play dough into balls. Use the toothpicks to make the connections between the stars and complete the picture of your constellation. You can print out pictures of real constellations and attempt to reproduce them, or you can make up your own imaginary constellations.

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