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Clothespin Bees: A Counting Activity for Preschool

This week, Little M. and I have been reading and learning all about bees. I wanted to provide the opportunity for her to explore counting number 1-10 within the theme this week. These counting cards were a fun activity, that she could do by herself (although there is no reason that you couldn't do this with your child if you want to). I will explain how to create the manipulatives (they are very simple, trust me) as well as how to use them.

Need a book to go with this activity? Check out our roundup of books about bees!

What You Will Need to Make the Bees and Hive Cards: index cards
yellow pom poms
black fabric paint
hot glue

How to Make the Cards: To make the cards, simply draw a hive on each card (I made one and then traced that one on the rest so that they would be uniform). Then write a numeral (1-10) on each card. You could also make a card for zero, if you wished. You could cut out the hives or laminate them if you want.

Making the Bees: Warm up you…

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