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Make a DIY Rain Gauge: An Easy Science Activity

Rain Gauge
This week we have been incorporating a rain theme into our science, literature, art, music, and math study.  (Check out the rain splatter painting, rain stick, and the umbrella paper plate craft that we did!)  One easy science activity to investigate rain is by making a rain gauge.  A rain gauge is an instrument used to measure how much rain (measured in units of height) falls in a given time. You can make one to use with your child easily and without much expense.
I actually bought the soda expressly for the purpose of doing this activity. While shopping, I noticed that certain brands have a bottle shape that curves in at the middle. You will need to select a bottle that has straight sides in order to get an accurate reading.
You will need: an empty soda bottle duct tape scissors ruler permanent marker small stones water
Making the DIY Rain Gauge:
The night before, I prepared the rain gauge by cutting the top off the bottle where it begins to curve in. Then I used th…

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