Apple Themed Fine Motor Activity and Craft for Preschool

This week, I got bitten by the fall bug. There have been a few cool days, the nights are growing colder, the days are starting to get shorter. Soon late summer will give in to Autumn. I am so excited! Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love the fresh apples that we can pick this time of year. Little M. does too, so I decided to whip together an easy, fun, seasonal craft that would also give her a chance to use the hole punch (one of her favorite things).

We read the book The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall before we did this craft. It is such a fun little book to learn about the life cycle of the apple plant!

Completed Apple Tree Craft for Preschool

Here's What You Will Need to Complete This Craft With Your Preschooler:

construction paper in green, light green, red, yellow, and brown
non-toxic liquid glue
circle to trace (I just used the lid from a circular to go container)
hole punch

Setting Up for the Apple Tree Craft

Trace and cut out three green circles on the dark green paper to make the tree tops. Use the ruler to trace and cut out three rectangles to make the tree trunks. Gather the remainder of the materials and lay the out in a space where your preschooler will be comfortable working.

Punching Out the Apples & Assembling the Craft

Invite your preschooler to make three trees by gluing the brown tree trunks onto a sheet of the light green construction paper.

Toddler Gluing the Tree Trunks Onto Her Craft

Then, give your child the green circles to glue on top of the rectangles for the tree tops. 

Toddler Gluing the Treetops Onto Her Craft

Hand them a piece of the red, light green, and yellow construction paper one at a time to punch out the apples.

Toddler Punching the "Apples" (Circles) Out With a Hole Punch for Fine Motor Practice

Finally, invite them to dot the glue onto the treetops and glue on the apples. Little M. decided that some apples should fall on the ground and decided to put some there too. 

Toddler Sprinkling the "Apples" (Hole Punch Circles) Onto Her Craft

It was great exercise for her hands (it's a nice way to prepare for scissor skills). She was also really happy with the craft at the end. Picking up the tiny circles and depositing them onto the little dot of glue is tricky too!

You could even jumble up the paper circle apples and have your preschooler sort them onto three different trees. (Although Little M. thought it was hilarious to place green apples on the red apple tree).

Hole Punch Apple Tree Craft
Apple Tree Craft to Develop Your Preschooler's Fine Motor

Preschool Fine Motor Apple Tree Craft

Are you doing any fall activities yet? I would love to hear about them down in the comments below!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our apple craft! If you found this activity helpful, maybe others would too. Please share on your favorite social media platforms.


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