Apple Graphing Activity

I wanted to create a fun graphing activity that preschool and kindergarten children could use to learn and review several math skills in a homeschool setting or as a center activity. This activity was so addictively fun, that I created a second set of dice so that we could play it again while extending the learning a little bit. (The first die has only one apple to add at a time. The second die has either one or two apples.)

Playing the Apple Graphing Activity With My Preschooler

This activity works on the following skills:

  • displaying data visually in a graph
  • counting to 10
  • comparing quantities using words like less, more, greater, lesser, greatest, least, etc.
  • color recognition (red, yellow, green)

All You Will Need For This Activity Is:

Setting Up This Math Activity:

Print out the game board and the two dice. Cut out the dice and assemble them with the tape or glue (I found the tape easier, because it does not have to dry). Place the pom poms into a cup. That's it!

Playing the Game With Your Child:

Starting with the easier die, take turns rolling and placing the correct color pom pom onto the board. When any color fills to the top, count up each color of “apples”. Discuss with your child which color has the most or the fewest (you can also introduce the words greatest and least). After playing the game a couple of times, you may wish to switch to the second die (it definitely speeds the game up).

Little M. had so much fun anticipating which color would “win” the race. Over the past week, we have done this activity at least a few times every day.

Thank you for taking the time to read our apple graphing activity. If you found this information interesting or helpful, please consider sharing on social media so others can find it too! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write them down below. Happy learning!
Apple Graphing: Preschool Math Center

Apple Graphing Game: Preschool Math Center

Printable Apple Graphing Center

Apple Graphing Center

*free printable* Apple Graphing Game

Autumn Graphing Center

Apple Graphing Center


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