Learn Math with Lego Blocks

I wanted to do some fun hands on math with my three year old daughter, and I haven't yet taken the opportunity to invest in any fancy math manipulatives. Looking around the room at all of the toys, I decided that legos would make the perfect tool to practice number recognition, counting, patterns, and even addition!

Preschool Math with Lego Blocks

All you will need to do this activity with your preschooler is:
  • a few (we used 20 Duplo variety) Lego blocks
  • index cards or cardstock cut into rectangles
  • a marker

On each card I wrote a number 0-10. I also traced a block on each card. Then I shuffled the cards and set them aside in a pile. We pulled the cards one at a time, and talked about the number written on the card. Then we counted out (sometimes she counted by herself, other times she wanted to take turns with me) the number of blocks that corresponded with the number printed on the card. She decided that each tower we built was a skyscraper. Zero was a fun number to count out! When I asked her to count out zero blocks we both burst out into laughter.

Ten lego blocks counted out by the preschooler on the card

When we had counted out blocks for each card, we moved on to comparison of numbers because we were still really having fun. We drew two cards from the pile and counted out the correct number of blocks for each card. We talked about which “skyscraper” was taller or shorter or had more or fewer blocks. To extent this further, you could draw three cards and talk about more, most, less, and least.

Comparing 4 blocks and one block

The final activity we did with the blocks was to make various patterns with them. I had selected three colors: red, yellow, and green for this activity. Having a greater number of two or three colors will work better than having fewer numbers of more colors, because it will be very frustrating for your child to keep running out of a color. We made AB, ABC, and AABB patterns. I invited her to both complete patterns that I started and make up her own patterns.

Right before we cleaned up the blocks, we did one conceptual addition exercise. We sorted the blocks into towers by color, counting as we went. After we had counted all three colors, we lined them together and counted the total. As you talk about addition with your child, you may wish to introduce the language of addition such as, “four red blocks and five yellow blocks makes 11 blocks altogether” (after you have already demonstrated the solution with counting, of course).

We had so much fun during this exercise! After my daughter's interest in the math lesson waned, we enjoyed simply building more little “skyscrapers.” 

Learning Preschool Math Skills with Legos

Math Skills with Duplo Blocks
Be a Lego Math Hero
Did we miss anything? Do you use blocks to teach math to your little ones? How do you use them? Let us know in the comments section down below!


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